ROI Leadership Coaching Library

On the ROI of leadership coaching

Research papers and case studies
  1. Coaching sticks – Research Bulletin 2014_WhyteCo
  2. Is executive coaching more effective than other management training and development methods_2017
  3. An HR perspective on executive coaching for organisational learning_2011
  4. The Effectiveness of coaching- Results from International Research+2002
  5. The Utilization and Impact of Leadership Coaching in Organizations- Results from the Second Annual Benchmark Study_MetrixGlobal_2007
  6. What makes a coach effective_IES 2016
  7. An ROI method for executive coaching – Have the client convince the coach of the return on investment_2005
  8. Approaches to research on executive and organizational coaching_2005
  9. Barriers to successful coaching_IES 2014
  10. Benefits of executive coaching_2001
  11. Business impact of executive coaching – demonstrating monetary value – V.Parker Wilkins 2006
  12. Coaching effectiveness survey instruments – taking stock of measuring the immeasurable_2013
  13. Development of an instrument for microanalysis of coaching sessions_2011
  14. Evaluating the effectiveness of executive coaching- beyond ROI_2009
  15. Executive Coaching as a Transfer of Training Tool 1997
  16. Maximizing the impact of executive coaching_2001
  17. Measuring ROI in executive coaching by Phillips Phillips 2005
  18. Measuring the ROI on coaching_summary
  19. Metrix global – Coaching-ROI -briefing
  20. Practical methods for evaluating coaching_IES 2006
  21. Return on investment in executive coaching – a practical model for measuring ROI in organisations_2013
  22. ROI is a poor measure of coaching success_2012
  23. The coaching impact study – measuring the value of executive leader coaching_2006
  24. The Coaching Scorecard -a holistic approach to evaluating the benefits of business coaching_2005

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