Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, Show Up.

And make it to the top
I’m George Bragadireanu, Your Leadership Coach.

Let’s co-create a plan to help you wake up to your purpose, grow up to your potential, clean up your way and show up as an accomplished leader.

If you want to learn how to increase your chances of making it to the top, let’s talk about how can I help.

Your Coaching Plan for Leadership Skills Development

What is it?
The plan we will co-create through coaching is a leadership development program which enhances key leadership skills and tipping point behaviors identified as crucial for your evolution as a leader.

It gives you the time and proper rhythm to learn in an efficient manner.

It is a clear program containing daily and weekly (micro-) practices embedded in day-to-day interactions on the job, designed for you to intensely train your skills on the go.

It also includes face to face and online coaching sessions to get you where you want in your leadership development journey.

Participants reported a long term impact of coaching, including 89% of those coached five years ago and 71% of those coached more than five years ago. Only 3 participants reported having experienced an impact at the time, but no clear long-term impact.”

Research Bulletin #14, Autumn, 2014 Study on coaching’s long term impact, WhyteCo. 

Efficient, deep, long lasting learning.

Coaching ROI is 3x training
Do you have to take better decisions, want to make it to the top, communicate better with your team but do not have the time to learn how?

Indeed, training and MBA's are not enough in today's world anymore; they become obsolete from the day they start.

While coaching keeps up the pace. And a plan gives motivation, structure, accountability and instilled learning.

of a coaching plan
for leadership skills development

Improve the leadership skills you need to lead a motivated team,
communicate better,
get rid of the operational burden
and be appreciated.

Personalised learning framework

The plan is created based on your own personality, business goals and learning objectives.

Personalised timing and learning pace

The plan is fitted to your business and personal life rhythm and pace.

Deep, relevant learning

High intensity learning due to continuous (micro-)practices, constant feedback and insightful coaching sessions.

On the job, on the go

Your daily business life is the training ground.

In the opinion of the 100 coachees/clients and 236 HR managers who participated to the research, executive coaching is the management training and development method that contributes the most to sustained observable behaviour change in executives.

Research “Is executive coaching more effective than other management training and development methods?” in Management Decision 55(10):00-00 · October 2017

Why should you work with George Bragadireanu

Real and Structured Leadership Coaching
Only if you want to cut to the chase and learn at a deeper level faster in a structured, meaningful and efficient manner.

15 years of senior management in multinational corporations, in sales and human resources departments

7 years experience of entrepreneurship

> 1,000 coaching hours with executive, business, leadership, career and life coaching

Has quadruple international certification as Master NLPt Coach (EANLPT), Performance and Transpersonal Coach (PCI), Professional Integral Coach (ICC) and Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Financed “Coaching for Performance” by Sir John Whitmore

Created The Coaching Studio, Coaching at the Spa

Recorded the double CD Coaching 4 Managers

Launched the mobile app Coaching 4 Managers

Wrote and Published The Leadership Spark

Translated The Coaching Habit (Bungay Stanier), Hunch (Bernadette Jiwa) and Radical Candor (Kim Scott)

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The New Leadership Book From George Bragadireanu

"54% of the executives struggle to align innovation strategy with business strategy. 72% of respondents say they're not out-innovating their competitors."
- PwC Innovation Benchmark Report 2017 -

If you are interested in a definitive plan on how to implement and lead innovation, this is the book you should read.

Let's create a complete program around it!

Trusted By

Unexpected but precise! 2 words to define a man with a clearly defined vision and a wonderful mission. To work with George is revealing; from the first moments you feel that your small and narrow perspective enlarges, you gain clarity, new ideas start to pour in your head and you start to act decisively and trustfully in the direction you have chosen.




George Bragadireanu is a real source of inspiration not primarily because of what he says but due to what and how and especially Who he is, exactly as he is at the moment. Opened, open-minded, kind, funny, warm. He knows to show you also when he is „learning” from you, discovering, enjoying.



Project Manager

Surprisingly, George succeeded to reach deep corners of my soul in just tens of minutes since we first met.



Senior Management Consulting Professional, Organizational Coach, Executive Coach

We have been working with George for training and coaching sessions for 2 years already, and he is a great partner to us.
As HR, I appreciate the great flexibility he shows in designing the programs and adapts the content to suit our development needs, because he really understands our company culture.
The participants appreciate his charisma and informal approach, incredible creativity and especially his challenging style that pushes one out of the comfort zone in order to grow.



Corporate Manager Training and Development

I reccommend him only to those who are fearless in discovering themselves and ready to take charge for a change in their lives.