Leading Innovation


We coach, train and speak on innovation topics, based on the most complete and integral innovation theory.

Leading innovation is 4 things:

1. Leading each employee (including the C-Suite leaders) to have the motivation and proper beliefs to innovate (employees inner creativity)

2. Leading each employee's behavior towards innovative expression (employees outer creativity)

3. Leading processes and procedures towards facilitating innovative results (innovative framework)

4. Leading the culture towards polination of ideas (innovative culture)

The Leadership Spark

The New Integral Technique To Ignite Your Creative, Innovative, And Strategic Leadership
"If you are a leader looking to learn how to facilitate creativity and innovation in your organization, then, by all means, you should read this book. The book’s content will make your efforts well worthwhile!”
(Amazon review)

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For whom was this leadership book written?

For entrepreneurs seeking to stay ahead of the market, for innovation managers in companies, integral scholars and others interested in creativity, innovation, and integral applications. It serves you well if you want to know:

  • How to implement an innovation-friendly management process
  • How to ensure a successful entering of a new market through innovating
  • How to tap into key innovation capabilities of your employees
  • How to remain disruptive despite geopolitical uncertainty
  • How not to miss the opportunities following your investments in innovation capacity
  • How to use cultural differences to help you progress in innovation
  • How to provide your big company with the agility of a startup
  • How to make your employees think like innovators

What’s different about this leadership book?

The Leadership Spark encompasses all the major theories and paradigms regarding leadership and business innovation. It is the only leadership book dealing with theory and practice, traditional and post-modern managerial systems (holacracy), spirituality and science of leadership, purpose and performance driven companies, organizational innovation and individual creativity.

After a century of creativity and innovation research, probing and testing, this book represents the most disruptive and complete solution.

Why INVEST TIME TO read this leadership book?

The Leadership Spark gives you the theory, examples, a readily available plan of business innovation and lots of free ideas to be implemented in your company.

The Leadership Spark

The New Integral Technique To Ignite Your Creative, Innovative, And Strategic Leadership
"As a student of Integral Theory for over a dozen years, I find it gratifying to observe and participate in the application of Integral Theory across a wide and diverse field of disciplines. Integrally informed “Leadership” has been one area where several excellent books have now been published. I add George Bragadireanu’s book to this list.”

(Amazon review)