Coaching for Leadership Development Library

Coaching For Leadership Development

Research papers and case studies
  1. How the behavioural changes are sustained over time after the coaching intervention has ended – V.S Nanduri 2017
  2. How a coaching intervention supports the development of female leaders in a global organisation 2017
  3. Global leadership forecast 2018 – 25 Research Insights to Fuel Your People Strategy – DDI & EY
  4. Emerging Trends in Leadership Development in 2019 and beyond – Stratx 2018
  5. Critical Trends for Leadership in the Future – Cecilia Åkerblom, 2016
  6. Comparing the Effectiveness of Individual Coaching, Self-Coaching, and GroupTraining – How Leadership Makes the Difference _2016
  7. Future Trends in Leadership Development – Center for Creative Leadership 2014
  8. Choosing an executive coach -The influence of gender on the coach-coachee matching process – D.Grey 2010
  9. Executive coaching – Inspiring performance at work – IES Research 2001
  10. The relationship between executive coaching and organizational performance of female executives asa predictor for organizational success 2008
  11. The Rating of Eight Coaching Success Factors – S. Greif, F. Schmidt 2010

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