Coaching For Leadership Development

A Leadership Development Plan Outline

a leadership plan outline


What Are The Direct Results Of Working With Your Coaching Plan For Leadership Development?
1. Wake Up: Increased self-awareness of your values, purpose and leadership style

2. Grow Up: Refined and changed habits and skillsets.

3. Clean Up: Improved communication style and leadership voice

4. Show Up/ Stand Up/ Speak Up: Proper organizational alignment


The results of this study suggest that executive coaching has a strong capacity to modify executive behaviour. In a joint evaluation by executive coaches [clients] and HR managers, the eight dimensions related to behaviour change scored an average of 5,14 out of 7.

Research “Is executive coaching more effective than other management training and development methods?” in Management Decision 55(10):00-00 · October 2017

What Is Leadership Development

What Do We Cover By Your Coaching Plan For Leadership Development?
We will integrally touch 4 dimensions of your leadership:

1. The inner leadership narratives about your purpose, values, and motivation

2. The observable exterior individual leadership behaviors, actions and habits and the capacity to correct/ augment them

3. The way you relate to, and lead others (culture, relationships, teams, aligning of visions)

4. The way you embrace existing organizational hierarchies and processes (aligning of missions)


Out of the 176 HR managers who answered this question, 52.27% said that the main advantage of leadership coaching is the customization of competency development and the way in which it adapts to an executive’s specific needs.

Research “Is executive coaching more effective than other management training and development methods?” in Management Decision 55(10):00-00 · October 2017

A Personal Leadership Development Plan Canvas

The 4 phases of our leadership development program
1. The data gathering/ intake/ preparation period (360 questionnaires, personality tests, coaching sessions to set up and evaluate the goals, alignment with stakeholders requirements)

2. The strategy/ planning period (business coaching sessions to co-create your coaching plan for leadership development, containing clearly defined paths, leadership abilities, skills, and attitudes to be developed)

3. The execution/ development period (regular business coaching sessions to advance and follow-up the development plan, and continuous daily/ weekly/ monthly micro-practices)

4. The celebration/ take off, learning and future pace period (360 questionnaires, evaluation of completion involving stakeholders expectations, key learning take outs, future developments)


Training alone increased productivity by 22.4%. Most importantly, training, when augmented with coaching, yielded productivity increases almost 4x the level achieved by training alone, reading 88%.

Executive Coaching as a Transfer of Training Tool: Effects on Productivity in a Public Agency. A research paper by Olivero, Bane & Kopelmann in  Public Personnel Management

Want to see the template we use to create leadershiplans?

We use a modern, online template.

A ‘leadershiplan’ is a leadership development plan co-created through executive and business coaching. From a technical point of view, we work almost entirely online (~85% of the international clients prefer this way).

As you will see, all the preliminary psychometric tests and personality questionnaires links and their results, coach’s and coachee’s notes, the video recordings from each coaching session, focus practices and fundamental practices – all are uploaded in a structured online framework: a private page for each client-coachee, on this site, completely secured and encrypted. No one has access to it, except for the business coach and the executive.

We still use the more traditional approach to leadership development – paper-based or email-exchange-based ‘leadershiplans’.

A Brief, Schematic Outline of a Leadershiplan

a schematic example of a leadership plan